Review of Ian J. Maddock, Men of One Book

menofonebookThe academic journal Reviews in Religion and Theology has just published my book review of Ian J. Maddock’s Men of One Book: A Comparison of Two Methodist Preachers, John Wesley and George Whitfield online and in print (Volume 20, Issue 4). If you have any interest in Wesley, Whitefield, Wesleyan theology, or preaching, I recommend this book.

If you have access to the Wiley Digital Library through your school or institution, you can read the review online here:


2 thoughts on “Review of Ian J. Maddock, Men of One Book

  1. Dear Isaac,

    Greetings! Thanks for reading and reviewing my book! Any chance you might be able to furnish me with a copy of your review? (the SMBC library doesn’t subscribe to Wiley Online). Ian

    • Hello Ian,

      What a surprise to have you visit my blog! Wiley does give article authors a digital copy of their content, which I will be happy to share with you. I’ll send it to you via the email address you gave on your comment.



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