UMC Battle Over the Authority of Scripture

These last few days have seen quite a bit of verbal action from various segments of the United Methodist Church, including the Renewal and Reform Coalition, over the issuing of a statement by 33 (now 36) retired UMC bishops calling for the retraction of the UMC’s official stance on the ordination of homosexual clergy.  This will likely become a major focal point of the next UMC General Conference in 2012.

Good friend, UMC pastor, and fellow blogger Matt O’Reilly has written a good summary of what is at stake with this issue, and rightly points out that this recurring discussion has less to do with sexual orientation than it does Biblical authority.

Check out his post over at Incarnatio:


2 thoughts on “UMC Battle Over the Authority of Scripture

  1. Regarding Biblical authority, why is it that we United Methodists tend to focus quite exclusively on the issue of homosexuality while neglecting the ca. 612 other laws of the Bible. For example, I never hear discussion on working on the Sabbath, wearing clothes made of different fabrics, and I personally know of no cases where my Methodist friends and neighbors are stoning their children when they are disobedient.

    I fear that application of this type of selective Biblical authority will result in the “United” being abolished from United Methodist in 2012.

    Don Engelstad

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