Who do you see in the mirror?

This weekend, Sarah took the kids to Cincinnati to visit her family. While they were there, they decided to stop and see Sarah’s grandmother, who just recently moved into a nursing home. The kids are young enough (3 1/2 and 15 mo.) that they have not previously been exposed to an environment like that, so Sarah wanted to make sure that they were protected form some of the things they might see. She decided it would be best for them to meet with grandma in the waiting area, rather than in her room.

This particular nursing home is affiliated with the Catholic Church, so there were some nuns working there. Janna’s only prior experience with a nun was when she was 3 months old. We were visiting the Cincinnati zoo when a couple of sisters commented on how cute she was and asked to hold her. We obliged (they were nuns after all), and no sooner did we hand the baby over than she decided to throw up all over the sister’s habit. We have kept our distance from the convents since…

So, as Janna watched a nun as she worked in the nursing home reception area, she was doing so without any background understanding of who these people are. She was observing things entirely on her own, and her reaction was somewhat startling….and profound.

As the nun answered phone calls and went about her business, Janna pointed at her and said, “Mommy, is that God?”

Now our natural reaction is to chuckle at a question like this and explain who nuns are, but I don’t want to pass over the significance of what our 3 year old has just said. In just a few moments, as she watched an older lady in plain clothing going about her daily tasks, Janna witnessed some special, something peculiar. She witnessed the very presence of God.

So often we get caught up in all of the things that we think we have to “do” for God. While those things are important, I wonder how many of us regularly take time to consider all of the things that God wants to do in us, and for us? How many of us are content to let God direct us from a distance, rather than move us from within.

Are you allowing God to so fully rule in your life that his face is the one that shows when you look out on the world? Is it his hand that reaches out to show love to others? Is it his presence that other sense when you walk into a room? Does the love of Jesus fill you up until it overflows and spills out on those around you?

If a child were to witness you going about your dullest daily tasks, would she ask, “Mommy, is that God?”


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