Happy Birthday Jerry Walls!

“Ode to Jerry”

This year has passed as though in a blink
But still you work and play and think
A philosopher’s work is never ending
Even when your joints are no longer bending

I remember you breaking your arm playing dodge ball
While these days you kind of just shuffle down the hall
Your may not be nearly as spry as you once were
But don’t give up hope or you’ll fizzle out for sure

Developing good arguments will keep your mind sharp
Like apologetic defenses of cherubs with harps
Keep chugging along and don’t give up the fight
Just focus on your next interview with Bob Knight

If you feel your age starting to make you feel funny
And a doctor prescribes pills that eat up your money
I urge you to say “no”, you don’t need that dope
You’ve got something better as a Prisoner of Hope

Continuing to age like this may be endemic
But faith, hope and love will be your polemic
Against all that comes as you turn one year older
If anything, maturity should make you feel bolder

You’ve got lots of future life left in your ticker
Philosophers live long lives ‘cause their heads are much thicker
So take heart, this day’s not the end of the story,
‘Cause no matter what happens, there’s always Purgatory…


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