Next Things

Well, its official – sort of.

After nearly a year spent in the application process, and more than that spent working on a topic, I have been officially approved for the Wesley Studies PhD program at the University of Manchester (England) and Nazarene Theological College. I say “sort of” because there is technically one last step. The research degrees committee has approved me, but there is always the outside chance that the Admissions Council at Manchester will not, though NTC assures me that this has never happened before. So, baring something really unusual, I will be starting my PhD officially this January (2009).

I am excited beyond words about my topic (which is in systematic theology) and feel truly honored and blessed to have this opportunity. For those of you who have been listening to me talk about my topic through all of its revisions, have prayed for me, have given me input and criticism, and have participated in this journey with me (I love you Sarah) I want to say “thank you”, and “it ain’t over yet”.

In fact, the next 5 to 6 years will be a long but stimulating process of research and writing. I know that I am not equal to the task, but I thank God that He is. He has sustained me all along in my studies, and has sustained our family throughout this time. I, even now, anticipate his grace throughout the next few formative years.

At any rate, I just wanted to inform those of you who care (and I thank you for those who have been asking). I won’t bore you with my topic – for now – but expect to see periodic writings on small aspects of it here as I am working things out in my head.


3 thoughts on “Next Things

  1. Hey buddy! Congratulations!!!! Are y’all headin’ overseas, or are you going to be doing it through the Holy Bubble? What’s your topic going to be?

  2. “The Holy Bubble” – LOL! I love it.We doing this the long way – part-time, but that means we get to stay in the States for the most part. I will have to travel to the UK about 3 times during the program for varying lengths of time.My topic is totally geeky of course, so let me just sum it up. I’ll be researching the implications of a Wesleyan doctrine of God on one’s understanding of Christology and on Christian praxis.And Dr. C is gonna be my primary supervisor – WOOHOO! I’m so excited!Anyway, we miss you and Katie. We’re hoping to make a trip up your way as soon as the newest munchkin is ready to travel a bit more.

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