Rhyme Time

Hope this one sooths the need for rhyming verse.

A poem shouldn’t buck the tide,
Or so some folks might claim.
Each stanza or each line should have,
Two words that sound the same.

This rhyming, rhythmic pattern,
Makes us feel all calm and cozy.
Like daffodils and puppy dogs,
They make our world more rosy.

But on some days the rhyming strays,
Into a strange new pattern.
Where words collide and swirl around,
Like dusty rings of Saturn.

So when the pretty sounding lines,
Go off on a vacation.
I urge you not to get distraught,
Or shake with aggravation.

Someday soon they’re sure turn around,
And start re-rhyming.
But that day may not be today,
Or anytime this week 🙂

That ending is killing you, isn’t it? Hahahahaha!


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