Tag Cloud City

Lately, I feel like the community at Asbury more resembles a tag cloud than the body of Christ. Every conversation is filled with catch phrases and key words, yet devoid of meaning or insight. Incarnation, sanctification, wholeness, accountability, emergent, postmodern, the list of words goes on. But are they just words? They often seem to fit in the package of hubris, when the wrapping God requires of us is humility. I want to hear the name Jesus on lips and tongues. Not as a muttered expletive, but as a whispered prayer, a proclaimed truth, a cause for a changed life. Where has the name of Jesus gone? Is he lost among the orthodoxy, orthopraxis, orthoritus, orthodontist, ortho….? I am as much a cuplit as others. I lament at my own weaknesses, my own penchant for theological lingo and scholarly babble. With each uttered nonsense and proclaimed facade the curtain grows. I hunger and thirst for the day when the curtain is torn assunder and Christ can once again be seen through the haze of scholarly gauze. Until then, I think I’ll just rest here on this tag cloud and wait.


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