Take care of the widow and orphan…

I am not the sort that likes to watch daytime television. In fact, I rarely watch tv at all these days, save for a couple of primetime favorites that I catch when I’m not studying (NCIS anyone?). But I had 15 minutes to kill this morning before leaving the house, so I flipped on the tube and surfed on over to one of those morning shows and saw a story that just amazed and encouraged me.

Whole Child International is a non-profit organization that was started to meet the need for children in state-run facilities around the world (i.e. orphanages) to develop meaningful relationships during their care. Apparently, children who are not merely “cared for”, but who are played with, engaged, and loved develop at a much quicker rate mentally and physically, not to mention emotionally. In other words, if you hug a child often and spend time with them they turn into better, healthier people – go figure.

Perhaps the most amazing part about this is that the organization was started by a single mother of two who, after seeing a video about the amazing results seen in an oversees orphanage where caregivers spent time with the children on a regular basis, plunket down her entire $1 million divorce settlement to spread this hope throughout the world. Here is an excerpt from her bio on Whole Child’s website:

“Recognizing that institutionalized children have limited opportunities to become healthy members of society within current systems of care, Karen Gordon founded Child International to develop appropriate models for the care of the most vulnerable members of society. She has visited institutions worldwide, met with government officials and non-governmental organizations, and assembled a team of leading early childhood experts and institutions committed to finding solutions. “

Now here is my question – aren’t all Christians commanded to do likewise?

Now granted, we don’t all have a million bucks to slap down and start an organization, but all of us have that most precious commodity. Time. What if each Christian took the time to invest in just one child’s life – one child who doesn’t have a family? Can you even imagine the impact that would have on our world?

I can’t – but I sure would like to live in that world.

You can visit Whole Child Int. at http://www.wholechild.org


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