Isaac – 1 | Finals = 0

I survived! I almost can’t believe it, but I really survived this semester and my finals, and did so with a minimum of permanent damage to my eyes and cerebral cortex…..but I digress.

This semester was a true lesson is humility and total dependence of God. I slowly came to realize that what I knew in my mind and spoke with my mouth (that God truly is sufficient to make up for my weaknesses) was not in fact something that I was too keen on putting into practice. Nearly 3 months of 12-16 hour days finally wore me down to the point that I had no other choice but to stop trying so hard, and you know what? I was right…God really can, and does supplement our weakness. Praise be to God!

Finals ended well…..even Intermediate Hebrew, which I was a bit worried about, and now I am spending some much needed time resting, enjoying my family again, and working a bit for actual MULAH! Its nice to get paid for all this effort 🙂

Thank for all of your prayers during these difficult weeks. I have much that I would like to share about how God has blessed our family during this time, but I will save it for some future posts. Till then, may you have a blessed Advent season, and a Merry Christmas!


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