Blue Man Mania

Sarah and I belatedly celebrated our 5th anniversary last night (it was on Aug. 11) with a trip to see the Blua Man Group at Rupp Arena. We have wanted to see this group in action ever since we saw a documentary on them several years ago, but didn’t know that we would actually get the chance to do so. After several months of anxious anticipation, I can honestly say that it was worthy of both the hype and the wait.

How to be a Megastar 2.0 is a creative commentary on rockstar-dom, and the seamingly inherent formula required to become a star in today’s music industry. The show combines humor, psychology, philosphy, and even a blurb for activism into a wrapper of amazing sounds and light. Yet underneath the amazing showmanship, the group is telling a story, not just about what it takes to be a rockstar, but also about the facades that people wear in their everyday lives.

Never have I been to a show that so engaged the audience. From the first five minutes, where the group rifled through a woman’s purse looking for a credit card (she was shocked, but it was hilarious to watch), to the closing credits where they had an older woman from the audience introduce the band for them (since the three blue men never actually speak), the energy of the group invaded the entire stadium. I even have to admit that as they rolled through the required “moves” for megastardom, I stood with the rest of the crowd and raised the roof, did the one fisted arm pump, and the double arm raise shout.

My initial reason for wanting to see the group perform live, other than the fact that they make art on stage by tossing paint balls into each others mouths and blowing the paint on a canvase and making sculpture out of chewed marshmallows, is because of the music that they make. This group has created their own series of instruments that include PVC pipe organs played with spatulas, to snare drums coated with glowing florescent liquid that jumps when they play, to an up-turned piano with exposed strings that they hit with a mallet, to long poles that they swing like samurai swords to make a whoosh-crack sound, to the giant gong/drum that shook the entire stadium everytime they hit it. Not only are these instruments unique, but the sounds they make are amazing.

This show has given me yet another glimpse of the creative potential of humanity. God the Creator has blessed us with just a measure of his creative abilities. We have so often used them to make weapons of war, but every so often someone uses these talents for something unique and beautiful. Now if only this creative energy were focused on adoration of Elyon (Most High), surely he would smile.

Even so, I think he smiles anytime we recognize our creative gifts. And so as I sat with Sarah, grinning from ear to ear at the amazing music, fantastic light show, hilarious gags, and wonderful showmanship, I could feel God smiling in me. And I thank him for even these, the small gifts, that give us just a glimpse of his immeasurable love for us.


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