What Dreams May Come

I am taking a chance by posting this. I know my readership has increased significantly form the 4 or 5 people in my family who regularly visit here. So this post is bound to make me appear a bit looney. Still, I am going to go out on a limb here and share a dream that I had 3 nights ago. I have only had 2 other significant dreams that I can recall. The first actually took place over 3 evenings the week that my wife and I were scheduled to visit seminary, prior to becomming a student. I believe these were intended to scare me out of a commitment. The second is recorded here on this blog, and occured shortly after arriving here in August of 2004, and contained a lot of strange imagery about faith that I still don’t understand completely. Then there is this recent one, that I can only describe as a mix between the two. It didn’t have nearly the ambiguous details of the second, but was not as straight forward as the first. And since it has been 2 years since the last time I dreamed like this, I thought I would offer it up as part of what God is doing in my life.

**************BEGIN DREAM SEQUENCE******************

I was climbing over some steel fortifications of some sort, with a small group of people. I could sense an urgent need to hurry to our location, but without any idea where that was. After a few moments, we arrived at a small cement courtyard that looked like the site of a very recent battle. There were fragments of scaffolding laying around, a damaged artillery battery of some sort, and scorch marks all over one of the three walls encompassing the area. In the dead center of the wall, opposite where I was, stood a single steel door. The scorch marks seemed to center around this door.

As I stood, wondering what to do next, the few individuals with me rushed to the door, and began an attempt to open it. Suddenly it swung inward to reveal pitch blackness. Just as suddenly, those standing in the doorway were gone, and the door swung shut with a loud bang. The only remaining person, besides myself, ran off yelling about getting help.

I stood stunned and confused for a few moments, and then went to the door. It was cold, and solid, and though I began to feel afraid, I couldn’t resist the urge to open it. So I tried time and again to find a latch, but it seemed like it was sealed tight. Finally, I pushed, and the door gave way slightly. There was just enough room for me to wedge myself in it and keep the door open, and I moved to do so. Then, just as “reinforcements” arrived, the door began to get heavier and heavier, until I couldn’t hold it anymore. I had the brief urge to step back outside and let it close, but for some reason, I stepped inside instead. As I saw the faces of those coming to help framed in the doorway, it slammed shut, and I was in total darkness.

Then there was a small bubble of light, much like a single lamp might create in an otherwise dark cave. And standing in the light was a figure that I can only describe as something similar to a Jim Carey version of a Dr. Seuss character, like the Grinch. He was comical, and friendly looking on the surface, but was seething contempt and veiled threats. This may sound cliche, but I somehow know that this was the Evil One.

After sizing me up quickly, he began to speak to me. I don’t remember the content of his words, but I do know that he was trying to make me feel at ease with him, to joke with me, to make me forget who he was. He was trying to be my pal. But the hatred underneath kept revealing itself in patches, and I became more and more afraid.

Suddenly, I saw something off to the side. I walked over to what appeared to be an animal fur of some sort. Yet within the fur there was a patch with writing on it. This writing was strange. One part of it looked like dialog, while the other fragments interlaced throughout it were numbered like verses in Scripture. But I did not recognize the writing as anything I had ever read before.

As I was looking over this, the evil one changed form. When he stepped over to me, he was now in the form of an attractive young woman. His voice had become pretty and light, but the menacing undertones remained. As he continued speaking to me in this new form, he sidled up close to me. I continued looking at the writing, and then realized that the written text followed his spoken words. It was a recording of what he was going to say.

As he came to the end of a paragraph on the patch, he paused, and I instinctually read the numbered verses that came next. When I was finished, he picked up naturally where the dialog began again, and I realized that somehow we were having a conversation that had been pre-recorded.

At this point, my heart began to race as we conversed. He seemed completely unaware of the written text, but was following it to the letter. I continued to read the numbered parts in return. Then something changed in his demeanor. He suddenly became agitated, almost confused. And he began moving closer to me, with a look of concern on his face. It seemed to me that he was trying to distract me from the conversation through seduction. Though I could see him from my peripheral vision, I couldn’t tear my eyes off of the text.

As he continued to recite one of the dialog sections, I read ahead, and my heart skipped a beat. Suddenly, there was an urgency to my words that I can’t explain. I knew that I had to keep him engaged in this conversation. But the longer it went on, the more frustrated he became.

As we neared the end of the text, I saw sudden recognition and fear sweep his face. He changed from seductive to threatening, and I heard rage in his voice. Then came a barrage of fear that swept over me. Yet he continued to speak, almost as if he had no choice.

Then it was my turn to read the text. Again, I don’t remember the specific words, but I do know that what I read talked of his many chances to choose what was right, and condemned him for his actions. Then it is as if the words briefly became my own as I told him that he had no power here, that he was not in control.

I paused before reading the last sentence, and Satan screamed with such rage that I was nearly frozen. He kept screaming “no, no, no” over and over again. And I realized that with these final words, he would lose his fight. So finally, I read the last sentence, which I remember with excruciating clarity, as I woke up saying them out loud.


*****************END DREAM SEQUENCE******************

And that was the end of it all. I said the first word of that sentence in my dream, and then woke up to myself saying the rest of it out loud. It was a truly strange experience, and I have no idea what it means – if it means anything at all.

So there you go. You have just been given a glimpse of my sometimes strange psysche at work. Think what you will, but I have relayed this as accurately as I can. If you have any insight to offer, I’de be interested in your comments.

Blessings in Christ


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