The Israel Connection

Those of you who have been following the news lately know that Israel has launched some attacks along their border with Lebanon. This is a volitile time for people living in all areas of the Middle East, and today espeially for those in Palestine, Lebanon, and Israel.

This particular conflict has drawn my attention the last couple weeks, because our school has sent a group of students (one of whom is a close friend of yours truly) and professors to the Israeli-Lebanese border area of Tel Dan to work on the archaeological dig site located there.

I received word yesterday that our group was indeed present during this latest retaliatory strike by Israel, and are now being evacuated from the country. They have been safely moved to Jerusalem and will be returning to the States on Saturday, whenvI’ll be picking the group up at the airport myself.

Please pray for their safety, and for the safety of those civilians living on both sides of the border in this dispute. This is not the time for a commentary on the relations between Israel and its neighbors, nor is it the time for political ideology or religious rhetoric run amuck. Instead, it is a time for us to mourn the loss of life that has already occured, and a time to pray for God’s intervention in the Middle East.



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