Happy Father’s Day

*I know this is really late, but my wife asked me to post this a long time ago, and I kept forgetting. She is probably a bit biased, but I sure do love her, and her support of me is something for which I will ever be grateful. I consider myself truly blessed. I’ll leave this at the top of my blog for a couple days, then file it under the appropriate date 🙂

Fathers Day
Isaac celebrated his very first Father’s Day with Janna . I just wanted to let everyone who reads Isaac’s blog what a wonderful father he become. I am so proud of him. He is calm when she screams her head off and turns bright red for no reason at all. He is a pro at feeding her with a bottle. He changes her diapers with out complaint most of the time and always sings a little song in the process. He teaches Janna new dances and songs daily. He is the number one at swaddling. That even Janna can’t get out of most of the time. He takes her to the doctor for shots and comforts her when she is sick. I love him so much and so does Janna even though she can’t say it yet. HAPPY FATHER’S DAY ISAAC!



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