Dusting off the Cobwebs

Wow! It is truly hard to believe that another semester is almost complete. I have been very conspicuously absent from this space since the summer, and can only blame fatigue coupled with a bit of writer’s block.

Still, though the words may not have made it to the blog yet, God has been working in amazing ways in my life these last months. I have been challenged in my personal and corporate beliefs and practices to a point that I have had to strip away much of what I knew and believed to be true, only to begin from scratch in an effort to rebuild my understanding of God, Christ, and Salvation. In this, I have been most assuredly blessed. . .

Although I find myself continually reworked by my creator for whatever purposes He intends, I have arrived at some conclusions (and even more questions) regarding Faith, Repentance, Justification, Obedience, and that elusive word that so many flee outright, others hide from, and some deny the existence of – Holiness.

I am not talking about perfection. I am talking about the attainable goal set forth by Christ through obedience, faith, and love. This has been such an amazing semester for me, and there will be much to come on this subject and others. Stay tuned, and get ready to engage Scripture in the humble effort to understand why God loves a sinner like me, and what I can do/be as a result of His grace.

Many Blessings to you all as we approach the Thanksgiving Holiday.

Peace and hope. . .


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