First Thing to Go

I have been sick now for several weeks. I started with a sinus infection that turned into a cough, then I got a stomach virus, now the cough is back and in my lungs. Its just been a crappy summer for me health-wise. I don’t say this looking for pitty, but because these series of illnessess have brought something into sharp focus. What is most important to me?

When all is not going in our favor, it becomes increasingly easy to pinpoint that which is most important to us, because we tend to let everything else fall to the side. With my health going down the tubes, I found that I have basically been concerned with two major things; (1) making sure that I drink enough fluids that I don’t expire from dehydration, and (2) hoping that Sarah doesn’t get any of my germs. Everything else has pretty much lost its appeal; food, sleep (although I still do plenty of sleeping), entertainment, etc. But what really stuck me is how quickly I let the most important thing go……God.

God is the core of my existence….he is everything to me. Yet when I get sick and begin to find everything as mere distraction, he gets lumped into the pile with everything else and tossed aside for “more important” things. The first thing I noticed was that I was no longer spending time in prayer. I love to pray, and am often in sort of an on again off again conversation with God throughout my day. But in a time when I should be relying on him for my strength and healing, I have found the communication lines cut off – from my end. And that scares me.

I say that God is the core of my life, my everything, but this certainly doesn’t prove that to be true. So what does it take then, to truly make God number one. What does it take for him to be the one thing that I focus on above all else? I don’t know the answer, but I do know this. When I reopened my end of the conversation, I found him waiting there for me as though I had never left, ready to pick up where we left off. How amazing, that the God of the universe considers me important enough to wait for and listen to.

I pray that I will learn to make him number one – period. That nothing will become a distraction from fellowship with God.


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