Profound Insights from a 4-Year Old

I never cease to be amazed by children and the way their minds grasp things that we adults struggle with for years on end. This has never been more aparent to me than it is now as I am constantly taught new lessons about trust in God and communication with Christ through the lives of Benjamin and Jacob Nitschke (4 and 6 respectively).

I was talking with these two boy’s father Keith a few nights ago on the phone. We were discussing the fact that it was 80 degrees in Kentucky and snowing back in Erie, PA where they live ( 8>) when Keith changed the subject and said “Guess what Benjamin did today?” Anytime he says this, I have to sit down and prepare myself for some raucous laughter, so I got myself ready.


I feel the need to give a little background info here really fast. Only weeks prior to this call, I found out that both Jacob and Benjamin had, on separate occasions, asked Jesus “into their hearts” and became two of the newest and youngest members of the Body of Christ (praise God!). We have been observing this newfound interaction with Chrsit in their lives ever since. It is so refreshing to see someone with no pretenses approach God when they have a concern. So, though not totally shocked, I was pleasantly surprised and tickled by what Keith told me next.


So apparently Keith took benjamin to look at a station wagon that he was considering purchasing for the family. It was a little more than what he wanted to spend, but decided to stop and take a look at it anyway. Benjamin tagged along, and was minding his own business until they were about to leave, then he looked up at Keith and said “Daddy, we are supposed to have that car.”

Keith said he stopped, stunned for a moment then asked, “Really, why do you say that?”

Benjamin replied, ” Jesus-God (this is his name for Christ) told me.”

Keith chuckled and smiled at his son, “Wow. Did he say when we were supposed to get it?”

Benjamin very matter-of-factly said, “One second, Daddy, let me ask.” He then proceeded to look down at his heart and whisper. After just a moment he looked back up to his dad and said, “Him no say!”

And that was that 🙂 They didn’t purchase the car, but as Keith related this story to me I was struck by the incredibly trusting and communicative relationship that this little boy has with the creator of the universe. I think we can learn a lot from our children. Maybe its time that we reopened the lines of communication with God to the point that when we encounter a tough decision, have a concern, want to say thanks for the beautiful day, or just want to chat we no loner have to rest on pomp and circumstance, but instead just quietly speak to our hearts (and from them) and listen for His very loving reply.

Peace be with you this day.


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