I’ve just had the most worshipful experience of my life. As I sat with my fellow seminarians, faculty, and staff listening to Jason Upton, something amazing happened — God spoke. I can only describe it as my soul leaping so hard that it was nearly ripped from my body. Time stopped. Everyone disappeared. It was just me with God – and I had his full attention.

Awe. Joy. Grace. These were my brushes, and my canvass was his imutable love. When the two were joined, I could do only one thing; not sing, not speak – for my voice failed me; not dance, not lift my hands – for my strength failed me; not bow, not kneel – for my shame held me fast. All I could do was write. So here it is. A spontaneous outpouring of emotions, in the thick of Holy worship:

I long to cry out
To you O, Lord
To break peace with all
That is not of you . . . release me.

My throat constricts
My palms sweat
My soul leaps
My very essence shouts to you . . . release me.

To know you
To breathe you in
To live in you
Brings unquenchable joy . . . release me.

Yet I sit in silence,
Rejecting you Lord
Though mountains will move
Though seas will part
I wait . . . release me.

I beseach you my Lord
Break down my walls
Unlock my chains
Open the floodgates of my heart . . . release me.

That I may worship you . . . release me.


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