Seeking the Seeker

I read this quote today by Os Guinness on the topic of calling:

When something more than human seeking is needed if seeking is to be satisfied, then calling means that seekers themselves are sought…the secret of seeking is not in our human ascent to God, but in God’s descent to us.

Wow! What an amazing concept. Even when we are seeking, we aren’t really seeking. We are instead being sought. And we are being sought by the only one who can satisfy the seeker’s need. But because this one is already sufficient in and of himself, and because we are unable to find him without grace, he has to lower himself to become the seeker’s prize so that his seeking of us may fullfill our seeking desires.

I think I just made my own head spin. I’m not a Calvinist, but I can’t deny that without God first seeking me, I would never have had the chance to seek him. I am more and more thankful each day that though he was himself sufficient, my God loves me enough that he was willing to seek me out, that I might find him and come to know him as Abba Father.


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