Is God Picking On You?

I have noticed that Christians have a tendency to think that anytime something isn’t going quite like they hoped, that God must have a grudge against them. They think that there is obviously some reason that they are being picked on, because they sure don’t diserve whatever is happening to them. Here is the interesting thing though – God is love, and is ultimately in control. And that gives us a reason to stop the whining, take a step back, and reassess the situation.

I have met some great people in classes so far at the seminary. This J-term was no exception, and I had the opportunity to meet a fellow student who is running a fledgling ministry in inner-city Lexington. He has a great spirit, and is full of joy and life. So I was saddened to hear about some recent problems he has had, both in the ministry and in life in general. What’s really neat is that he didn’t bring them up to complain. He brought them up to ask for prayer. Our class obliged, and after prayer, he was able to move on, and reflect on the many blessings that God has bestowed on him. What an awesome example of a Christian who knows that God is love, and is in control.

I have had to take this lesson to heart today, as I found that we have lost the majority of our income, and our health insurance to unforseen circumstances that were beyond our control. I don’t bring the situation up for sympathy sake, or to complain and point a finger at God, saying “Why are you picking on me?” I bring it up to toss another perspective your way. Is it possible that a loving God, who is in complete control allowed this to happen because there is something better in store for us? Or is it possible that God allowed this to happen because we need to learn a lesson from it? Or is it even possible that this happened because it is ultimately unimportant to God’s greater plan?

I would say that all of these may be true, and it could be that this happened because – well – life just happens sometimes. What’s cool, though, is that my wife and I know that he is in complete control, and that he loves us with a perfect love that far surpasses our understanding. So the rest of the chips can fall as they may. I would rather spend my energies praising him for his matchless blessings, than complain about being picked on.

After all…..I’m not important enough to warrant that much special attention 😉

Or am I?

Trust in God to renew your strength; to guide you and protect you in all that you do, and to provide for you as he does all of his creation. Do this, and you will live a truly blessed life.


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