Blessings Galore

You know, everytime something kinda negative happens, God shakes his finger in my face and tells me to stop pouting. Then his very next action is to bless my socks off……

After yesterday’s hardships, I have been in a pretty good mood, because I am actually (for once) letting God take total control. This makes it way easier on me, and makes him happy anyway. So, I’m not particularly down or anything. But I think God still wants to prove to me that he is there, not just to sustain my life, but to enrich it.

I woke up early this morning with another call from our awesome friends at Koinonia house (Kiem and Ivan), and was asked to help an international student (who shall remain nameless so as not to embarrass him) who needed to take his driving test by providing him with a car and some company to the test center.

Our car is 10 years old, has no heat, and makes funny noises, but it runs great so I said sure. Little did I know that this would be another opportunity for God to totally bless my life. First of all, the student never complained about the lack of heat, but was greatful for the help. That shows a proper Christian attitude to begin with. As we headed out to Nicholasville, we had a chance to get to know each other. He and his wife are from Hong Kong, so the small town of Wilmore is undoubtedly a bit of a shock to their systems, and the language barrier is always an issue between us uneducated Americans and any other culture, but it never ceases to amaze me how gracious, sincere, and incredibly devoted to God our international students seem to be.

Without going into the details too much, we had a great conversaation and he passed his driver’s test. I came home feeling warm (despite the lack of heat in the car) and full of energy. God has blessed me so richly, and continues to do so each and every day through the interactions I have with my brothers and sisters in Christ.

Thank you, to the student I was honored to spend time with. You ministered to my soul with your fellowship – more than you will probably ever know.


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