Happy Birthday

I want to take a moment to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my newest pseudo-nephew Aiden Mascara.

Aiden’s proud parents, Matt and Amie are doing well, and I wish them many blessings in their family’s lives.

Since I have no children to temper my enthusiasm, and since this is my website and I can write what I want, I would like to offer up a few pieces of advice out of love for Matt, Amie, and Aiden…..

1. Remember that Aiden is a gift from God, delivered into your care out of love for you.

2. Raise him in an atmosphere where Christ is always at the center of your lives and he will follow in your footsteps to the throne of grace.

3. Impart knowledge of scripture to him, that he might have a solid foundation on which to build his life.

4. Use discipline when necessary, that he might grow to follow the narrow path.

5. Hug him often, and forgive him when he is older and finds it akward to hug you back. He will know that he is loved.

6. Encourage him in any endeavor, no matter how silly to you. Imagination, perseverance, and courage to try new things will give him success in life and ministry; and it all starts with knowing that you are behind him – even when he fails.

7. Teach him to be morally, ethically, socially, and spiritually courageous, so that he will be ready when God calls him for whatever purpose he has chosen for him.

8. Matt – show affection to Amie in his presence, each and every day, that he might display the same love and care for his future wife.

9. Pray for him, expecting to be heard for God answers the prayers of the faithful.

10. And above all, teach him to love Christ and others as we have been taught – with wreckless abandon of self. And he will change the world.

Just a little advice from your brother in Christ. I will be praying for you and for Aiden, and will expect great things from him.


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