Hello everyone. I know it has been a while since my last post, but Sarah and I are finally moved in and settled in our new home. What a blessing it is to be in such a place as Wilmore. Thank you to our family for your support, both in prayer and in your financial support. A special thanks to Sarah’s Mom and Dad, and to My parents for giving us so very much. We couldn’t do this without you.Ok, on with the reason for this post. It is probably no secret to my immediate family that I don’t usually sleep very well. I have trouble shutting down at the end of the day, and my sleep is often fitful. On the bright side, I rarely have bad dreams….but when I do they are doosies.

Lately I have had some dreams (not all bad, but all strange) that have begun to make me wonder if there could be more to them than just dreams. I don’t mean to say I am having a prophetic moment, but they have provoked a tremendous amount of thought for me. The first of these dreams I have come to believe was a spiritual attack. I don’t want to go into great detail, because that is not the dream I wish to duscuss now. Suffice it to say, that for 3 nights prior to my visit to ATS, when I was preparing to enter the school, I had some rather terrifying dreams that could have scared me from continuing if not for the grace, power, and ultimate authority of our awesome God.

My sleep has been dreamless since then (3 months) until 2 nights ago. I had a dream that I was compelled to record. I hope no one thinks I have gone loopy, but I would like some input. Do you think this was just a dream, or maybe something more? I’ll let you decide.

——————–BEGIN DREAM SEQUENCE————————-

I was with a group in a strange place, cavernous in nature. Though I do not know them, I saw their faces plainly. We were standing as a group on sands from a beach, facing a high, flat rock wall. To my right the wall indented and there was a small body of water, though the entire place was enclosed. Across the narrowest part of the water was a small island, with a very few people on it. I could not see their faces. At the farthest point across the water, there was another tall, flat rock surface, although I didn’t see this at first.The group that I was with was being lead by a woman, as though we were on a tour. We came through a water-filled tunnel to reach this room. As she was speaking to us, she walked over to a very ancient, small cannon. Then she loaded the cannon and fired it at the rock wall directly in front of us. As the projectile hit the wall, it made a nick like you would expect a rock to make on a windshield. Then she invited the group to follow her example.

One by one, the group fired the cannon in the method she described, able to accurately hit their mark. After a few hits, the wall began to fall away, and revealed a large stained-glass window, much like you would see in a Catholic church. Once the window was revealed, the group shifted aim to another portion of wall next to the first. When it came to be my turn, another man went to the cannon with me, saying that it was his turn. I gave way to him and instead helped him load. Instead of firing at the place the others had, we aimed across the body of water. We were told we would need as much powder as the cannon could hold. After it was loaded, I moved away to safety. I saw the other man fire the cannon, but the ball fell far short of its goal. Instead, it narrowly missed the small group of people across the water, on the island. They did not seem to notice it at all.

The group realized we could not hit the wall with the cannon, and instead I was given a rifle with greater range. I was no longer part of the group. Alone, I took aim and fired upon the wall across the water. I fired over and over, and with each hit a piece of the wall chipped away, until it revealed a statue. The face of the statue was worn with age, and was indistinguishable, but I knew it to be a statue of Jesus. I continued firing, chipping away at the rock. As I did, it was revealed that He held the Ten Commandments in His left arm, but I noticed it too late, and fired again. As the bullet struck, the tablets crumbled.

I continued firing until the entire statue was revealed. The group was gone now, and I suddenly stood in front of the statue. At its base was a small door, standing open. This door revealed a cushioned seat inside, and had writing that I can’t remember scrawled across it. Something seemed wrong to me about this seat, as though it didn’t belong. Suddenly my mother was there, and she told me what the seat represented. I can’t remember what it was, and don’t want to make a mistake, so will not say it here. I knew, however, that the seat I saw was false, and reached behind it. As I moved the cushioned seat out of the way a plain, black, hand-made chair of no consequence was uncovered. I knew this chair to be real.

As I turned away to speak with my mother, I saw a shelf beside her, built into the rock wall. On this shelf were discarded items, and among them was a book. I looked at the book, and it said something strange that I don’t remember word for word. It was something like “You have called upon the Holy Spirit, and He will come to you”.

At this, I felt suddenly that I had sinned by touching the seat, that I had touched something sacred. As I turned back to the statue, it vanished. All that remained was a perfectly smooth wall. I panicked, and felt my heart jump. I felt that I had destroyed something perfect.

Suddenly, I was back across the body of water. I looked out at where the statue had been, and where there had been a flat wall a moment before, there now stood two openings, each leading to a different room. I remember only the room on the left, which would have been to the statue’s right hand. Inside was light, and what looked like wrapped presents on a table. There were a very few people inside, but they had their backs to me. I do not know what was in the other opening. At this point, I woke up. I was nervous, as is customary after a strange dream, but after a few minutes of sitting up, I felt compelled to write this down. It is now 6:08am, on Wednesday, August 18, 2004.
——————–END DREAM SEQUENCE——————–

What do you think? Bad tacos giving me nightmares, or something else?


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