Comfort Zone

This will be my last post from London, KY. We are moving to good ol’ Wilmore tomorrow, to begin our journey at ATS. I thought this was an appropriate time to talk about stepping out of your comfort zone – something I feel that we are all called to do at one time or another.

I find my view or perception of things fluctuating as I spend more and more time in prayer. It is one of those cool side effects of talking with God. I like it. My most recent change of view came this morning when I was thinking about our move and all that it entails. We have been in our current home for a little less than a year. When we moved here, we didn’t particularly like the area, didn’t feel sure that we had made the right decision to come here, and were kinda grumpy about it.

Thankfully, and I believe by God’s grace, a series of events changed our view and this place became home. Sarah found a wonderful job in a Christian atmosphere. We found a wonderful church home where we have been welcomed with open arms, and encouraged in our personal walk with Christ. We became familiar with, and comfortable with the area, and it began to grow on us.

Now, less than a year later, we find ourselves on the move again. Now Wilmore is not your normal, everyday town. There is just something about it that is different from anywhere else I have been. A sense of peace permeates the air, and I find myself drawn into a feeling of genuine joy just by being there. That does not, however, change the fact that we are once again moving away from what has become comfortable to us. Yet we must do this in order to follow God’s call to ministry.

Here is the point I really want to make to you today. With all of the changing of jobs, location, homes, churches, etc. We sometimes find it easy to grumble, and to complain about being outside our comfort zone. But as of this morning I am seeing it in a new light – we are not stepping OUT of our comfort zone. We are instead stepping INTO His comfort zone.

God has always taken care of us, and we are learning to lean totally on Him. Each and every time we have stepped out, He has comforted us with his ever-loving arms, and guided us to a place of spiritual peace. To stay in a place where we are physically comfortable when we could move to a place where we are spiritually stimulated and fullfilled would be to miss out on the blessings that God wants to give us.

You know that fealing of exhilaration you get when a loved one is about to open a present that you have given them? Don’t you think God feals the same way, only magnified, when He waits in anticipation for you to move out of your comfort zone and accept the gift He is about to give you?

So from now on, I plan to keep this thought in mind. When I am called out of my familiar surroundings to do God’s work, I will remember that I am not stepping out of my comfort zone. I am instead stepping into the comfort zone of God. What a wonderful place to be.


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