I’m sure you have heard the phrase “It’s all a matter of perspective”.  I have heard it many times, but never really thought about it until yesterday.

My wife and I made a quick trip to Wilmore, KY where we will be moving shortly, and stopped by to take a look at the house we will be moving into.  while standing in the driveway, we noticed 3 teenage young men standing a couple doors over, staring and joking.  By the time we left, it was apparent that they were staring at my wife (who is quite beautiful, if I may say so).  My first reaction when I realized this was one of defence and annoyance.  I actually began stewing about it a little, and started thinking things like “they had better not make a habit of that, because I won’t feel intimidated in my own house”  – things like that.

What is really funny is that they were doing the exact same thing I probably would have done at their age.  They saw a pretty girl and stared.  No harm done.  As we were driving away, I realized that it was all a matter of perspective.  To them, they were just having a good time.  To me, they were being offensive.

How many opportunities do we miss to minister to others because of a misunderstanding of perspective?  How often have I seen an older person shrivel their face, like they have just eaten a lemon, in disapproval of contemporary worship or because they see a kid wearing jeans in church?  How often have I seen that same kid sigh and whine because the older folks want to sing more hymns, and because they dress up for church?  These are 2 very simple examples of how perspective gets in the way.  There are, unfortunately, many such examples that I could give.  And if it is happening within the church, how much more so is it happening outside the church?

We should take care to not let our present perspective interfere with how we relate to others.  We may not always approve of what we see, but we should still be able to show the love of our Lord, Jesus Christ to those people.  We must be careful, lest perspective become the new descrimination.    


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