There has been a lot written about purpose in recent years.  Authors write about the purpose of a church, the purpose of life, the purpose of marriage, etc.  We have been studying purpose in our sunday school class as well, using a book that many of you are familiar with; The Purpose Driven Life, by Rick Warren.

As we read through and discuss this book (I must admit I am way behind in the reading) we have been asked to sketch out our purpose in one or two sentences.  I would like to share that with you here. 

First, however, I would like to say that I am not necessarily endorsing everything in the book.  There are some things that I disagree with very strongly, and some that I agree with equally as much.  I would suggest that you pick it up and decide for yourself as you consider what it has to say prayerfully.

Part of me says that I can have no idea what my purpose is.  I cannot know the mind of God.  However, as we become closer to Him, I think we can begin to see what He would want for us.  So, the best that I can do is to give what I believe my purpose should be, since I won’t know for sure until God reveals to me what it truly is.

Because of this, I will write my purpose in two parts.  My overall purpose, and how I will accomplish this purpose.

My Purpose

To reach out to others with the love of Jesus Christ, giving myself wholely to showing them the grace of our Heavenly Father, and to leading them into a relationship with the one true God.  To offer myself as a tool, to be used wherever God sees fit, and to go willingly where I am called.  To lead my family in the path of righteousness, and to honor God with every thought, action, and word.

I will do this by opening my heart to others.  I will listen when an ear is needed, and will speak when guidance is requested.  I will do both of these things with God as my guide.  I will provide spiritual guidance to my family, and will be an example to them.  I will encourage and facilitate their learning of the Holy Scriptures, and a personal relationship with our Lord, Jesus Christ.  I will pray for them, and for others, continually.  Perhaps most importantly, I will love my God with all of my heart, and lean not on my own understanding.

Have I achieved this purpose?  No.  Do I want to?  You better believe it.  Will it happen?  By the grace of God.

Here is a challenge for you.  Think about your purpose, and what you think it is.  Then post just a few sentences in the comments section.  You will have the option to post anonymously from the login page, but feel free to leave your name 🙂


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