Door Wide Open

Wow!  I just had a powerful life lesson that I would like to share.


We talk about how God opens doors for us to minister to others, and to Evangelize in His name.  I know that many times these doors go completely unnoticed or ignored. God opened a door for me today, and when I missed it He shoved a doorjam in it to make sure it stayed open, and could not be ignored.


Today I resigned from my job as a Software Developer in preparation for beginning my ministry education at Asbury Theological Seminary.  I had spoken to all of my close coworkers and my previous manager about my plans, and found it easy to discuss, because I know that they all profess to be Christians. 


I was recently transferred to a new development team, and although my physical location didn’t change, I started reporting to a new manager off-site.  She is a very nice woman, but I know little about her outside of work.  So, when I told her of my plans to attend a graduate school full-time, I left out the type of school I will be attending.  This was not out of embarrassment, or fear of how she would react.  It was simply because I didn’t want her to be uncomfortable with the conversation.




When I got back to my desk, having totally sidestepped that open door opportunity to talk to someone, whose spiritual situation is unknown to me, about the call of God on my life, I told my coworker Chuck how it went.  Then the strangest thing happened.  God turned Chuck into a doorjam.  He pointed out to me that this was the perfect opportunity to talk to someone about God.  We don’t know if my manager is a Christian, and she may very well be.  But nothing is EVER lost by talking to others about our magnificent Lord.  What if she isn’t a Christian?  What if she NEEDS someone to talk to her about it?


I thank Chuck for bringing me back to reality.  As I sat back down at my desk, I wrote an email to my manager.  In this email, I said what I should have said to begin with.  I told her that I have been called by God into His ministry, and that I must follow His will.


The door was opened by God.  He provided a doorjam to make sure I knew it was open.  Now I have walked through it.   I wonder what will happen next?




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