Who Am I?

As I sit listening to the song “Who Am I?”, by Casting Crowns, I find myself asking that question in prayer. I know it isn’t a new concept to question who I am, or more importantly what is God’s will for my life? These questions burn deeply within those who truly seek to do God’s will, but how are we to know the answers, and what are they?

Discerning the will of God is a topic that is the subject of many books. Every Christian struggles with it at one time or another. Indeed it is an important part of our Christian walk, and our daily faith. However, I think that sometimes we cry so loudly, hoping to force God to tell us what He wants that we miss His whispered answers.

For nearly 6 years now, I have been asking God those 2 questions. I have prayed, begged, even shouted for an answer. It wasn’t until a few months ago, in near desperation that I was able to quiet myself and listen for the answers to come. The truly interesting part comes in discovering what those answers were (at least for me).

“God, who am I that you would call me to your ministry?”

— You are my child, forgiven of your sins, precious in my Father’s sight.

How can it be this simple? I have done so many wrong things, committed so many sins. I have purposefully walked in the opposite direction that He has pointed. I have walked with a weakened faith…..still, this is the answer I received when finally I opened my heart to hear. And once the first answer was clear, I was compelled to ask the next.

“What do you want me to do?”

— Follow me.

Such simple answers. I have heard them preached a thousand times. As a Christian, I believed every word. The funny thing, is that somehow I felt that they didn’t apply to me. I was wrong.

God is constant. He is loving. He wants everyone to hear His voice. Unfortunately, we get in our own way all too often. If you are seeking the answers to these questions or others today, I would encourage you to stop asking so loudly. Take it to the Lord, then sit back quietly. His grace is yours for the accepting, and His answers are no different. We just have to be willing to hear them.


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